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bright, shiny futures are overrated

the truth is out there.

29 March 1983
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JEN. I live my life in suitcases: Idaho, Texas, and most recently Vancouver. I'm not the girl guys write songs about. My loves include friends, family, travel, wine and cheese (or just wine) I'm still figuring out this thing called life.

battlestar galactica, buffy, dollhouse, extras, family guy, firefly, friday night lights, gilmore girls, how i met your mother, iron chef, jon & kate plus eight, lost, the office, rob & big, robot chicken, scrubs, tim & eric awesome show, the x-files

martin sexton, james taylor, marc broussard, patty griffin, rachmoninov, stevie wonder, jamie lidell, stereophonics, matt nathanson, regina spektor, damien rice, ray lamontagne, jazon mraz, kings of leon, greg laswell, matthew mayfield, brett dennan, the beatles, john mayer, brandi carlile, ryan adams, whiskeytown, muse, spoon
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